Air Prompt

Jan ‘17 – Present
Creator / Proprietor
+Building CLI based productivity tool for small/mid-size teams

  • Technologies Used: Node.js, Elasticsearch, MariaDB

TableHero Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Sep ‘15 – Dec ‘16
Individual Contributor

  • Solely responsible for developing the initial version of the iPad app
  • Worked on the application back-end in node.js
  • Defined application architecture, preparing release plans and setting up dev-milestones
  • Technologies Used: Objective-C, Swift, Realm, firstlane, Crashlytics, node.js, express, mocha, PostgreSQL, DynamoDB, Docker, AWS, Git

Nityaa Technosys Pvt. Ltd. (AirStream.io)

Nov ‘13 – Mar ‘16
Technical Advisor

  • Advice the startup on technical architecture, execution, and processes
  • Prototype critical modules and algorithms
  • Code reviewing
  • Hiring consultation
  • Technologies Used: Golang, PHP, MySQL, Redis, AWS, TCP/IP, UDP, Git

Persistent Systems Ltd.

Apr ‘13 – Aug ‘15
Technical Lead

  • Worked on two major client projects
    • A real-time mobile application to capture clinal trials inputs from multiple devices
    • Worked as consultant Solution Architect at BMC Software Incubation Center
  • Led a team of 12 developers. I was responsible for line management and personal management.
  • Implemented Agile Scrum and helped team to increase velocity
  • Requirement analysis, designing application architecture, project documentation
  • Spent 50-60% of time doing hands-on coding
  • Technologies Used: Objective-C, AppleScript, Crashlytics, SQLite, SQLCipher, HeaderDoc, Confluence, Python, PostgreSQL, AWS, Git

Codewalla Software Development Pvt. Ltd.

Feb ‘12 – Apr ‘13
Technical Lead

  • Managed multiple teams
  • Implemented Agile process across various projects
  • Requirement analysis, designing application architecture
  • Code reviewing
  • Spent 50-60% of time doing hands-on coding
  • Technologies Used: Objective-C, Cocoa, SQLite/CoreData, Node.js, BackboneJS, Redis, MongoDB

Foodkite Ltd. (UK)

Aug ‘11 – Feb ‘12
Co-founder / CTO

  • Hands-on coding
  • Product management
  • Hiring interns and contractors
  • Technologies Used: Node.js, jQuery Mobile, PhoneGap, MySQL, MongoDB, Nginx

Freelance Consultant

Jun ‘11 – Feb ‘12

  • Architecture reviewing, scale up web services and fine-tuning databases
  • Worked as a solution architect to the clients of Sportz Interactive Pvt. Ltd.
  • Worked as a mobile product strategist for Codigami Technology Pvt. Ltd.
  • Technologies Used: Node.js, PHP, MySQL, Memcache, MongoDB, Varnish, Apache, Objective-C, Cocoa

2007 - 2011

June Software Pvt. Ltd. (TabToLearn / attended YCombinator program)

  • iOs Developer / Business Analyst

Burrp Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (Burrp.com / acquired by Network 18)

  • Sr. Software Engineer : Internal tools and Data analysis

MindHive Labs Tech. Pvt. Ltd. (LordsOfOdds.com)

  • Web developer

Skills & Competence

Project Management

  • Worked on various project documentation - briefs, end-stage report, heighligh reports
  • Experienced in Risk & Issues management / Change management
  • Worked on Project Planning, Effort Estimations, Resource allocation
  • Manage internal and external stakeholders
  • Ability to work with and support cross-functional project teams

Technology, Libraries & Frameworks

  • Wrote slick web services / micro-services in PHP (using Symfony, Slim, CodeIgniterr), Node.js (using Express), Golang (using Revel, Gin)
  • Woked with various relational databases like MySQL, PostgreSQL and non SQL data-stores like MongoDB, Memcached/Membase, Redis, Riak, DynamoDB
  • Built native mobile apps using Obj-C, Swift, Cocos 2D and developed Hybrid apps using jQuery, Angular, Cordova
  • Worked extensively with web/neworking protocols http, TCP, UDP, WebRTC, Bluetooth protocols
  • Worked with various frontend js frameworks like BackboneJS, Marionette, AngularJS 1.x

A Histogram of Technologies, that I have used between 2007-16


P.G. Diploma in Advanced Computing

C-DAC Advanced Computing Training School, Pune

Bachelor of Engineering in Instrumentation and Control

University of Pune